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Recently, YouTuber and half-acquaintance RedEyeComputing uploaded a video detailing his experiences with Ubuntu Budgie (hey, that’s the one I run!). To put it lightly, his experience wasn’t a favourtable one,

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I don’t hate Sam at all, and I certainly don’t think Linux is perfect in every way, these are just some things about his video that irk me a bit.

The first 9 minutes

The first nine whole minutes of the video were pretty useless if I’m honest. First he talks about who started the challenge (important, but he dragged it on a bit) and then he spent 8 of those 9 minutes talking about his history of video editors, although he does say that there was no point in him explaining.

How he installed

Sam usually installs OSes he’s testing onto a secondary hard drive (not his main Windows drive), which is fair enough, yet the video includes a solid 5 minutes of him partitioning incorrectly within Windows, when most users have no need to do this in the first place. He was even told to use the “install alongside Windows” option by one of his friends for the sake of simplicity, but he continued to use the partitioner and didn’t seem to explain why he was doing it (possibly deceiving viewers into thinking that that’s how you need to install?).

His first problem

Once the system is installed, he immediately hits a roadblock - one of his displays is stuck at 1024x768. My problem with this, is that he admits that he uses a really cheap Chinese adapter, which is obviously the issue, but he plays it off as a problem with the OS because Windows and macOS let you change the resoloution higher (this is the first of many potential driver issues that are not directly Ubuntu’s fault).

Performance when recording

So far he’s shown every step that he has taken within the OS, including his kerfuffle with the monitors, but a critical part he missed out was the drivers, which to my knowledge he hasn’t installed yet. Sam starts complaining about how OBS on Linux performs worse and doesn’t support NVEC (why would it - it’s installed with the Nvidia drivers usually) even though he doesn’t have drivers installed at all (you need those on Windows/macOS too, mate). He also brings up how you can’t middle click to drag-scroll, which I admit, is pretty annoying but can be rectified pretty easily if you have access to a search engine and a couple of minutes.

After driver installation

After a jarring jump-cut forgoing how he installed the drivers, he says that OBS was still running choppier than Windows. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it certainly runs a lot better on Linux for me since there’s less overhead (not to mention it’s very likely he didn’t use the exact same encoding settings across OSes).


Sam’s next point was the lack of many games, and honestly I have to agree with him, the majority of games just aren’t supported, which is pretty annoying, but not really the distro’s fault.


Now we get onto the section of his video that really irrited me the most. He begins by saying that Ubuntu Budgie isn’t considered “the most stable distro in the world” according to “the Linux Users” (don’t know which ones he’s been looking at, but I’ve seen no complaints about stability from any of my research) which quite frankly isn’t true - I’ve been running it for ages without any major problems, more than I can say about Windows.

He then presents a small montage showing all the times his system locked up for no apparent reason, which, I have to admit, would be frustrating. But then, after 3 minutes of clips, he said that most of the issues he was facing were the fault of AnyDesk, which is pretty weird. This annoys me though, because not only does he seem to place the blame on the OS not AnyDesk, but he only says this after showing all the issues, during which many viewers may have left the video with no knowledge that the bugs were AnyDesk’s fault.


In the description, he has a link to the wallpaper he’s using, but it’s hosted on his own image site, even though he knows the photographer’s name and presumably where it was originally posted (which is on Unsplash). What’s the point of re-hosting it and not just linking to the original?

Some other problems

Now these problems aren’t necessarily to do with Sam, but they’re to do with a lot of people (some of whom I’m pretty good friends with). I know it sounds pretentious, but no one seems to go into their Linux experience(/”challenge”) with an “open mind” and they always expect the worst, which in my opinion, isn’t the best way to look and think about things. Another problem is how videos and articles about Linux distros seem to over-blow the negatives and under-shadow the positives, just like Sam’s video (it’s basically a 30 minute bug list, and even if it’s meant to be a “challenge,” it’s still not great to just sit and complain for 30 minutes).

In closing

That’s pretty much all my thoughts on Sam’s video and coverage about Linux in general, if you’ve read this far, here’s some reddit silver. Apologies if this post wasn’t the most intelligible words I’ve ever written, but hopefully you get where I’m coming from.


Dan and Dan helped me quite a bit with this post so, uh, ta for that.