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What’s a TheRandomMelon or a Melonz?

TheRandomMelon — Hi! I’m Michael, but I go by TheRandomMelon. I make terrible YouTube videos and I’m friends with dnomaid.

Melonz — “Our goal’s to be a recognizable brand of games and computer software, with games like The Matrix Glitch and software like MelonzClient.” - The Twitter page

OK what’s this blog thing about?

Oh, that. I’ve spent pretty much the entire day creating a Jekyll blog. Yeah, sad, isn’t it?

But, thanks to some help from dnomaid himself, Bootstrap 4, and Bootswatch’s Darkly theme, I finally got my team a nice blog.

The blog's homepage.
The blog's homepage.
Source: Melonz Team

Cool! How’d you do it?

The source code is available to the public on GitHub. The site is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license.

GitHub's human-readable summary of the license.
GitHub's human-readable summary of the license.

Also, the Melonz blog is based on dnomaid’s blog, since we both use GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Where’s the blog located on the World Wide Web?

You can visit the blog at blog.melonz.nl.

What are you gonna put on the blog?

We’re gonna post mostly about our community and the computer stuff we’re making. But, we’ll sometimes post about other tech stuff that’s cool to us.

Do you guys have a fancy RSS feed like dnomaid does?

We sure do! Click here to subscribe now (if anyone apart from me still use RSS feeds).

That’s all, folks!

Thanks for reading my blog post. I truly appreciate it, even if I’m not dnomaid. Special thanks to dnomaid, of course, for letting me ramble about my crappy blog here.

If you’d like to, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to me on YouTube, or even follow me on GitHub, if you’re that insane.